comfortable with uncertainty

Inspired once again by Kim Manley Ort, who always seems to speak to me.

Letting go of expectations opens us to infinite possibilities.

When I asked my husband to pull over at this intersection, I just wanted to play. I noticed the butternut yellow traffic signal almost blending in with the changing leaves. I didn't expect the photograph to be "good" but it felt right to be in this place, seeing the world in this way. I fired off a frame or two, then stood back and made an adjustment to my perspective. I felt fully engaged and alive.



Sometimes photographs are no longer things, they’re experiences.

Thanks to Kim Manley Ort for sharing this article from Wired magazine in her weekly newsletter.  (If you don’t subscribe, you really should).  

"The way we relate to imagery is changing. Our new relationship is less about witness, evidence and document and much more about experience, sharing, moment and streaming - from fixed to fluid." ~ Stephen Mayes

I’ve been practicing with my newest lens – the Canon 40mm f2.8 pancake lens. The lens is lighter, smaller, less noticeable, and most endearing of all – it keeps me in the mix, connected to my camera and the scene.