enough for now

Mastery is not, and has never been, gained through more stuff or gimmicks or shortcuts.

• Read fewer articles that talk about tips and tricks.
• Spend less time on Instagram, make more photographs.
• Learn fewer things (just one is enough) but learn them deeper.
• Print your work and study it.
• Fall in love with the work of the masters.
• Don’t forget to breathe.

Let that be enough for now.

David duChemin

warm ways

I thrive on constraints and find them to be liberating rather than restricting. Limits force me to be resourceful and creative in my work.

For example, I live happily on a budget. I’m one month in on a year of no-shopping and I already see huge benefits.

As we prepare for the effects of a polar vortex, I’m bracing for the frigid air. All I can think about is how to stay warm.

And the word warmth guides my picture-taking today.