Since my mother has Alzheimer’s and her mother had the disease, too, I can’t help but worry about my own future. I wonder if I might have to face this reality.

I forget an appointment. I misplace a file. The multi-tasking I used to be so proud of is a thing of the past, replaced by careful attention to one thing at a time. I am more easily distracted (can’t write a word without complete silence).

Even though my genetics may be against me, there are steps I can take to lower my Alzheimer’s risk – maintain a healthy weight, eat mindfully, exercise regularly, and keep an eye on important health numbers.

I work out regularly with a friend, with instruction and supervision of the personal trainers at Fredericksburg Fitness. This is the most worthwhile investment I’ve ever made. Personal trainers Jennifer, Allison, and Hilary are professional, knowledgeable, caring, and devoted to their clients. Exercise is challenging while being respectful of individual differences. Modifications are encouraged and the whole process is fun. It feels like recess for adults.

Under Jennifer’s leadership, Fredericksburg Fitness aspires to help our community, one person at a time, to be fit for life. Here’s the latest . . .  Pilates reformers. I can’t wait to try these out. In the meantime, I was happy to take a few photographs to show them off, both the reformers and the trainers.

I was nervous! I am anxious when it comes to taking pictures with a specific purpose or expectation. But I’m trying to work outside my comfort zone. Feeling pretty proud of myself today – and grateful for the services of the Fitness Studio.

 Day 341

Day 341