These days I whine about having to cook – a lot. It’s much more fun to watch someone else cook, eat the delicious meal, and leave the cleaning.

I’m taking a few lunch time cooking classes at The Kitchen at Whittingham in downtown Fredericksburg. Last month the theme was The Lunch Lady and we learned how to make homemade sloppy Joe, French bread pizza, and apple crisp. This month the topic was Things You Never Tried to Do with Tortillas.  We joined Chef Chaz Kilby in the kitchen to make mini tortilla cups with egg and cheese, tortilla French toast, and asparagus cigars with dipping sauce.

Some of the participants helped to cook. I took pictures instead.

Some people offered to pitch-in for clean up. I took more pictures.

Some of the ladies demurely turned down carbs. I put my camera down and ate everything on my plate.

Today was a good day!

Day 347

Day 347