A group of about a dozen people were walking down the street in Warrenton, Virginia when I took this photograph. They came to a complete stop and watched as I squatted in the middle of street composing this image and taking the picture.

A gentleman, who appeared to be the leader of the group, approached me and asked, What are you taking a picture of?

I laughed and said, Well, I really love the color of that trash can. I like how it ties in with the patina of the statue in front of the Courthouse.

He shook his head and smiled. We’re on a photo walk, taking pictures with our smartphones. I thought we were taking some pretty interesting shots – until now!  

As the group walked off, I could hear the conversation. Did you see that lady taking pictures of the trash can?

It’s fun being weird.

Try not to let your head dissuade you from taking a picture, however irrelevant it might seem.    –Nigel Shafran
Day 330

Day 330