The first half of this yearlong project seemed to be mostly about learning to see.

To see differently.
To see with less judgment or criteria.
To see all things with appreciation.
To see darkness as well as light.
To find and trust my own vision.

As I come into the homestretch, this project seems to be more and more about effort. It takes effort to carry a camera everywhere. There is a level of determination and motivation needed to stop making dinner, to drop everything and pick up the camera, simply because the scene touches my heart. I am deeply immersed in my most meaningful work when this happens – as though I have been presented a gift. Not to open it would be a shame, a kind of sadness that comes from missed opportunity.

This is my calling.

I am reminded of something my oldest son once said. I was voicing my self-doubt, wondering how I might ever distinguish myself among so many talented photographers. I lamented, “Anyone can take these kinds of pictures.” My son calmly replied, “But not everyone will. “ He was right.

Day 312

Day 312