I tend to over-think things. I analyze, prepare and plan. It’s hard for me to trust my instincts.

I love making resolutions and goals, aiming and striving to be better, do more, and improve in some way. And while these are traits that might serve me well, they are also my downfall. Sure it feels good to tick an item off the list, but it also leaves me in a state of never good enough.

I’ve given up on setting goals for the New Year and chosen a word of the year instead.

It’s important to know choosing a word for the year doesn’t negate your specific hopes and dreams. Instead, it supports them by allowing yourself space to grow, change, and make adjustments along the way. –Nicole Gulotta

By the wonder of the synchronicity, three beautiful blog posts arrived in my Inbox, and they all resonated with me, where I am at this place in time, pointing in the same direction.

Ten Simple Ways to Say No by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less

I will not say YES when my heart says NO.

Yes, No, and What Really Matters by Sage Cohen

Every YES anchors our deepest commitments and greatest goals. And every NO frees up more resources to fulfill them.

No. My Magical Word for 2017 by Laurie Wagner

Sometimes I say yes, and then an hour later I realize I meant no. Note to self: Don’t be afraid to change my mind. I’m not a flake, it’s just that my internal listening after 56-years of not listening so well is a little fuzzy.
It turns out that getting people mad at me doesn’t kill me.

I hesitate to choose the word No as my word of the year, a word that is so clearly negative.

There are beautiful choices like Abundance, Connect, Listen and Open. And these are things I desire as well. It’s just that I’ve learned I can’t have it all. I can’t keep everyone happy. I can’t avoid negative feelings. And saying No may well be the magic word that opens the gate to all of those other wonderful words.

I am starting today, New Year’s Day. By saying NO to restrictive diets and labeling foods as good or bad, I make room for ice cream as a treat. So far, this is working out great!

Day 307

Day 307