Things that bring me joy. Childhood toys I loved.

Growing up in a very small town in Virginia in the 70’s, there wasn’t much to do. No movie theater, no fast food places, no bowling alley, no public library – only the Book Mobile.

My sisters and I played outside all day long, riding our bikes, skipping rope, and hula hooping. My mother jumped at the chance to sign us up for the Colonial Beach Twirlettes. I’m pretty sure this was mostly about keeping us busy and out of trouble, but we took to twirling like our lives depended on it. Our enthusiasm was fueled by majorette boots with tassels and snazzy uniforms. 

We marched in parades down Main Streets in other small towns like Deltaville, Callao, Montross, and Saluda. At the Judges’ Stand, we performed our best routines and saluted with our batons, beaming with pride. Parades were often part of weekend festivals that included carnivals. We rode the tilt-a-whirl, the Ferris wheel, and the scrambler. We counted out spending money to play games of chance and buy pink fluffy cotton candy. And, we vied for the seat next to the cutest drummer on the bus for the ride back home.

When I spied this baton at the thrift shop last week for only 99 cents, I couldn’t resist. I brought it home and took it for a spin, twirling like I was a kid again.

Day 217

Day 217