This is our son, the older one, who does not care to have his photograph taken. Still, I took a few pictures just because seeing his face makes me happy, and I want to remember this day.  

Zach is amazing, so much a grown man and yet just enough little boy. He has an important job solving the computer and technological problems of a major university, and still he finds time for the things that make him happy. He has always had an uncanny ability to put together and take things apart, to solve problems and puzzles, and to make it all look easy.

During our visit, he showed off his Lego creations, a Volkswagen Beetle and a huge Ghost Buster conglomeration and his favorite video games. Then he assembled an IKEA table, swapping out one style of legs for another, without any instructions!

He calls us everyday on his way home from work just to say Hi and share his day with us.

And we realize how blessed we are to have this fine man as our son.

You know how you just have to touch your child, sometimes? How you drink him in with your eyes and you could stare at him for hours and you marvel at how dear and impossibly perfect he is?
— Anne Tyler, A Spool of Blue Thread
Day 197

Day 197