Somehow, it just doesn’t seem right to tell about how happy I am and how much I enjoy this life. There is some guilt in sharing the joyous way I lead my life. I feel compelled to list all of the struggles and hardships we’ve endured in our family, as though only after demonstrating our suffering will I have the right to be happy. It doesn’t seem fair to lay claim to more than my share of the goodness.

And yet, I know that the hallmark of true friendships is the sincere celebration of joy for one another. I will trust that if you are here, in this space with me, you are a friend.

I went on a glorious “date day” with my husband, and for an entire day I felt young and beautiful and desirable.

Biscuits with butter and jam at Lamplighter Roasting Company on Morris Street in Richmond.

Walking along city streets through charming neighborhoods.

A morning matinee, Don’t Think Twice, at Bow Tie Cinemas.

Lunch at Richmond’s landmark eatery, Millie’s Diner, where we shared a gourmet burrito and berry shortbread for dessert, and I took the kind of pictures that I was meant to take.  

A visit to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts to view the exhibit of photographs by Gordon Parks, first African American photographer hired full time by Life magazine, Back to Fort Scott.

The drive home along historic Route 1, listening to the audio book, My Southern Journey by Rick Bragg.

All this with the person I love most in this world who loves me back.

Day 190

Day 190