Wise words on rejection from Nicole Gulotta –

Creatives are at great risk of rejection wounding us like a bullet to the heart. We wrestle with the work, wrestle to put it out for the world to embrace, then wait and see how it fares, so it’s only natural that we take things, well...personally.

One of the best lessons to embrace is this: We will not inspire everyone.

I’ve been doing this thing meant to protect myself and my creative work. I pretend that I do not care. I call my work a hobby; I hang back and don’t take chances; I keep my expectations small and my goals achievable. And if someone criticizes my work, well it’s no big deal because I didn’t care in the first place, right?

But the truth is that I do care. I care about it all – every step – from first sight through the view finder to the finished print. And so rather than say it doesn’t matter when rejection comes my way, I am trying tp accept what I feel. And what I feel is disappointment.

And while disappointment is uncomfortable, it’s easier to take when I embrace Nicole’s philosophy.

There are billions of us, and it's unrealistic to assume that our message is meant for them all. In a way, this is a really freeing idea.

Focus on the people who resonate with your message, and leave the rest. –Nicole Gulotta

 Day 179

Day 179