Though this daily photography practice is a personal journey, personal does not have to mean solitary, hidden or isolated. I am humbled to belong to a community of kind and creative souls who often make time to send their thoughts to me. I’m sharing a few excerpts of the messages I receive from the merry band of friends I’ve collected along the way. Please know this . . . if you write to me . . .  to tell your story, to share your heart, to laugh or cry, to seek encouragement or to rail against your struggles, I will write back. I am already your friend.

 Day 168

Day 168

about Day 92, my mother

I feel like I know you because of how you have exquisitely shared through the written word yourself and then your photos also but today's post just spoke to my soul.  I too had a parent that suffered from dementia and you have been able to describe what I never could to others.  So much of your life story sounds like mine and I will pray for you and your Mother has you continue down this path.

about Day 130, tomatoes on the window sill

Your picture, this morning, brings so much sun and joy in my heart! These lovely tomatoes waiting to be completely red behind the window symbolize so brightly a sunny and quiet and slow summertime... but also the expected reward of eating a ripened, juicy and tasty tomato... and also that patience always ends with a gift...

about Day 154, roasted cherry tomatoes

Your post this morning completely reminded me of the paintings of Mary Pratt, who I love. Are you familiar with her work? (Added bonus: I love roasted grape tomatoes!)

about Day 155, moon at sunrise

Ah the small..... The size we are against the world.... And my favourite moon phase.... A crescent the hook that holds hope and the changeable all together....And all alone in the vast blue!

about Day 157, portrait of a friend

Oh, I love this series SO DANG MUCH, Donna! The words and the pictures together—such gorgeous vulnerability.

about Day 158, space to create

Well, you are channeling me in this post.  I have no where to put art supplies or to do my art but somehow I still create.  I bet I have more pictures saved of art rooms on Pinterest than anyone in the world.

about Day 159, ride at the fair

I had to share this one after seeing your blog post from the fair. My husband, David, tells wonderful stories about his Uncle Dick, a wild one that once drove a car full of little kids 100mph so they could see what it felt like! David claims he was standing up in the front seat. He also once drove a motorcycle cross country to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a movie star.  Anyhoo, he once took David to an amusement park at the beach and they rode that stand-up ride in your photo. It was called the 'Hell Hole'. Now, whenever I use our salad spinner, that's what he calls it.

Not that I didn't enjoy the prayer part of the blog,
just sayin'

about Day 163, cantaloupe on the kitchen counter

I am not a big fan of cantaloupe but love how it is arranged on your counter and your thoughts.  Big grin back at you

about Day 160, dog waiting patiently

I first wanted to say that I loved your shot and words from yesterday, and it almost gave me chills, I had just read a quote a few hours before that was exactly along those lines:

"I have spent my days stringing and unstringing my instrument, while the song I came to sing remains unsung." –Rabindranath Tagore

I am thinking about this nonstop since I read it. Am I holding myself back from what I am meant to do because I never feel ready enough, prepared enough, confident enough?

about Day 166, front porch view

I guess my photos are about to take on more of my personal thinking. . . Kind of like your porch!  And I love how you have left that notion to your viewers to sort out.  A hard step but a good one. One I suspect you have been angling for since you started this 365 project.