After 35 years together, there are lots of things that need to be replaced around here.

We’re sleeping on a sagging mattress.

The refrigerator’s ice maker decided to start leaking water all over the kitchen floor.

The bathroom exhaust fan makes a racket and doesn’t seem to work at taking the humidity out.

And while there are things that need fixing, not everything needs to be replaced. Some things, like a really good marriage, are worth holding onto.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Marrying my husband was the best decision of my life. He’s always loved me for exactly who I am. He makes me laugh. We’re good for each other, and we’re good for another 35 years.

We enjoyed a nice meal at our favorite cozy restaurant in downtown. Sammy T’s opened in 1981, the same year we were married.

 Day 131

Day 131