I try to embrace the philosophy of life as an adventure, but I also find comfort in familiar routines and rituals. On weekend mornings I meet my fitness friends for long walks, gentle jogs, or bike rides. We meet at 7am and the focus is on recreation and companionship first and exercise second. After our activity, we gather around a table at Eileen's Bakery and Cafe. Today we had California wraps (scrambled eggs, fresh salsa, cheese, avocado), fresh fruit and steaming mugs of hot coffee. Sometimes we go wild and share a sweet danish or pastry, too.

After our breakfast, I wander over to the Farmer's Market in Hurkamp Park. This is my community. I ran into my friend Teresa's parents and stopped to chat. Her father brags on his garden. Weaving in and out of farm stands and booths and tables, I take pictures along the way. I buy corn, zucchini and grape tomatoes for a new shrimp recipe I have in mind. Just enough cash left over for a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. I stop to admire the handmade wooden cutting boards and the glistening honey. This is a place I love to shop. 

And as a morning shower blows in, I head back home, happier for the routine that that is my foundation.

Oh, work that is done in freedom out of doors, work that is done with the body’s and soul’s goodwill, work that is an integral part of life and is done with friends — is there anything so good?
— Henry Beston, Northern Farm
Day 153

Day 153