Sovereignty . . . is the quality of owning your space so completely and fully that you can’t be shaken from being you. –Havi Brooks

From The Fluent Self by Havi Brooks ~

In other words:

"Your body. Your energy. Your physical space. Your emotional space. Your work. Your practice. Whatever else belongs to you. It’s all yours.

You own it. You feel comfortable in it. You inhabit what is yours and you belong there fully and completely.

It’s feeling so safe being yourself that other people’s stuff is obviously just that.

It means having the patience to interact with your own stuff with love, knowing that it’s constantly changing anyway.

And your experience of sovereignty doesn’t step on anyone else’s. It’s something that everyone gets to experience for himself or herself."

I love this word, this concept and this is something I want for each of us.

Day 124

Day 124