Waking this morning and setting out for my daily walk, I felt fear creep in. What if I can’t find a picture to make today? What if nothing interesting happens? Or I don’t see anything special?

There is joy in the exact right timing, when the right thing comes along at the right time.

And this is what happened today. I needed to remember why I engage in creative photography. I listened to a short podcast, Why Photography?, by Brooks Jensen from LensWork magazine. He makes a compelling argument that most of us are unlikely to ever be famous or wealthy from our photography.  So why do we spend so much time, energy and money on photography? I nodded my head in agreement to each of the reasons he listed.

I’ve passed this building hundreds of times, always wondering about it, intrigued by the sign that reads, Union Branch of the True Vine. Today the scene was even more compelling with colorful balloons floating by the door and bright numbers for 2016 as though commemorating a graduation.

I took a few frames, happy to capture something that interested me, even if I didn’t know exactly why. At home, I did a little research. The Union Branch of the True Vine was a service organization formed just after the Civil War to provide community support and assurance to former slaves and Blacks in Southeastern Stafford County, Virginia. Members of the association helped each other in times of trouble; they counted on one another as their only source of assistance for the unexpected tragedies and trials of life. I don’t know how the sign ended up here or the rest of the story . . . but, as Brooks Jensen describes, photography is a license to explore. I visit places I'd never go if it weren't for photography.

 Day 117

Day 117