A good friend who knows me well and encourages my pursuit of photography and art sent an email to tell me about Michael Williamson, her favorite photographer from The Washington Post newspaper. She advised, “If you have a spare hour, watch this.”

It took me a lot longer than an hour to watch the video because I kept stopping to take notes.

I’ve been suffering with some self-doubt the last few weeks. I question if the pictures I take are interesting. I question if what I am sharing is a truthful representation of my life. I question if my writing comes off as “self-help” rhetoric. And though this project is one of personal and artistic growth, and I might easily rationalize that the work is only for me and whose business is it anyway . . . that would be letting myself off the hook. I want to be honest with myself, even if I am my only audience.

Watching the video of Michael Williamson give the Inaugural Morris Berman Lecture for National Press Photographers Foundation gave me a fresh perspective on photography and what my story is about. Listening to Michael, I felt better about my own work. I’m on the right track.

A few of my favorite quotes . . . about a sense of place, context, and stories told with photographs.

about what we take pictures of. . . I’m always taking my eyes for a walk.

about why we take the pictures we take . . . I don’t know why I found it interesting, I just did. I’ll figure it out later. I don’t have to have a reason. And sometimes I never know the reason.

about where we take pictures . . . You gotta get out of the car!

about how making pictures is the best job . . . it’s beautiful, deep, soulful, it’s magic.

I get to make, see, and experience a little piece of this magic every day.

Day 111

Day 111