Once you’ve found something that resonates, go after it like crazy. –Elle Rowley, founder Solly Baby

This is advice I can fully support. Instead of wading in carefully, instead of waiting, instead of thinking or planning or preparing, I can just try – and see what happens.

And I feel this way, this kind of passion, for photography.

My friend, Teresa, spotted the field of orange poppies on a rural route and knew I’d love them. She was right. I woke up early this morning with those poppies in my head.

It’s harder than it might seem to take a photograph of a field of small bright flowers. There are challenges –

pulling off the side of main road safely,

deciding which lens to use,

angling for a gradient of light,

shimmying through thorny vines, squatting, and lying on my belly,

focusing on small flowers dancing in the breeze,

and editing the bright, colorful, and contrast-y poppies

And every step of the process is exhilarating.

I don’t want to stop to do the things I should be doing like make dinner or answer email or fold the clothes. I don’t really have to stop. I can work to my heart’s content.

This project of a picture every day for a year is breathing life into my work and happiness into my heart.

I want to go after it like crazy.

Day 57

Day 57