Coming into my own as a photographer requires that I figure out what I like to make pictures of and how I like to work. My vision for my photographs is that they are good in ways that matter to me – that they reflect or reveal the depth of feeling we often hide from, that they draw us in and hold our attention, that they tell a story, or give us hope.    

Even though I am deeply entrenched in digital photography, I find that time and time again, I am drawn to film photographs.  I love the look and feel, the entire aesthetic of film photographs. The simplicity, the beauty, and the meditative nature of film photography resonate with me.  

I’m taking a few film photography lessons, just dipping my toe in to test the waters. Nadiya Nacorda  of Imani Photo is a gifted photographer and a patient teacher. She has been walking me through the process of film photography and this week she let me play with her cameras. She showed me how she scans negatives, edits, and prints her pictures. And, wow, I am so in love with film.

Our family budget will not allow for immediate purchases of a new camera, film, a scanner and printer. The medium format cameras, maybe a Hasselblad or a twin lens reflex camera like the Yashica would be my first choice, I think. I am practicing with a Canon AE-1 35mm.

In the meantime, I strive to take and edit my pictures from a film-like perspective. And honest to goodness, this is my favorite picture of my year of pictures so far.

It's actually very difficult to make something both simple and good. –Paul Simon

Day 54

Day 54