How do you spend your time?

I hate this question. I have stuck in my head this notion of self-worth that is tied to a job or career, to making money, to accomplishment. My children are grown and my husband and I are retired, and much of my time is my own. When asked this question, I feel the need to qualify, defend, explain, and even apologize.

So here’s the truth. I spend my time taking care of myself; taking pictures, creating, making, writing; going on adventures with my husband; connecting with friends and family; and helping to take care of my mother who has dementia and lives in a nursing facility.

On some afternoons, like this one, we draw the muslin curtains nearly closed, and in the soft light we read (my husband) and nap (me). And doing nothing at all is a glorious gift.

Day 51

Day 51

Because I do believe that we’re enough as is. That aside from our contributions and our usefulness, we still have worth. And sometimes, it takes pushing those things aside for a moment, by choice or by necessity– inhale–and see that you’re not dead without those things. You’re actually just fine.  –Rebecca Parker Payne