My friend, Miss Polly, is a finder. She has an uncanny ability to unearth treasure and match said treasure to the right person at the right time. She is a writer, and much of what she shares comes from the perspective of a creative and thoughtful soul. More often than not, her findings compel a transformation in my thinking such that I make connections between what I want in my life and the many hurdles in the photography process.

Just the other day Miss Polly sent a post from Poor Man's Feast, On Writing and the Permission to Succeed, by Elissa Altman. And as it turns out, much of what Elissa wrote about the writing process applies to any creative endeavor.

In order to do what we love . . . we must first know ourselves as deeply as we are able.

Quiet the noise around you; soften its pitch. Our deepest stories are our best teachers. Let the weapons of the weak — the poison, the nagging, the gossip — burn themselves to ash; cast them to the wind.

Take back the permission to succeed; make it yours.

Day 47

Day 47

And this, too. Photography is balance. Virginia Woolf was right: A light here required a shadow there.