Like the local library, the coffee shop is the hub of our community, a social gathering place.

I love the energy of the coffee shop. A place where it’s just as easy to plug in earphones and get to work as it is to fall into conversation with new-to-me people. Mothers ply young ones with cookies and juice boxes, hoping to snag a short visit with friends. Retirees sit around tables sipping steaming coffee, discussing local politics. Creative types sketch or read or share passionate discourse over things like local exhibits or cameras or classes. Runners stop in to refuel. Students stare down laptops willing words onto the page. For workers, the coffee shop is a virtual office.

The coffee shop is a lively place with a pleasing social climate. Even on overcast and chilly days, there is a background hum of contentment. Regular customers are greeted as friends, and those who are brave enough to ask might even be granted permission to take a few pictures. The atmosphere is enhanced by an appealing aroma, comfortable seating, and good light with a view of the happenings outside.

People like me soak up this collective activity, storing and sorting the faces, expressions and movement as inspiration. I feel at home, attached to the coffeehouse, where it seems everyone is a friend.

If you’re ever in Virginia, look me up, and I’ll meet you at the coffeehouse.

Day 45

Day 45