This question was planted in my head by my friend and life coach, Helen McLaughlin.

What if this not-knowing period of yours was reframed to be quite intentional? What if we called it The Season of Not-Knowing? The Season of Waiting to Find Out? The Season of Quiet Openness? If you'd like to, play around with other phrases to describe this period of your life. It can be really helpful and empowering to decide that even our fallow times are purpose-full.

And while I am waiting to see what’s next, the magic of synchronicity and serendipity guide my life.  Here's a little sample.

I am participating in a month long challenge of daily letter-writing.  (Write On Campaign)

I have a pen pal, Miss Polly, who knows I love rural post offices and handwritten letters. She finds good things and shares them with me, like this article on The Disappearing Post Offices of the Rural South.

I am a picture-taker with a passion for documenting rural life. I seek to honor the culture and dignity of a way of life in the most reverent way I know how – simple, truthful images.

Really good things are happening in this season of Quiet Openness. The first photo I took a month or so ago, but couldn't resist using it here because it fits so nicely with the second picture that I took today.

Day 44

Day 44

". . . I realized photographs are letters, objects captured and distilled in one form that travel across time and space and are open to interpretation in someone else’s hands that take on a distinct meaning each time someone engages with them. Each time you take a picture, it’s like you’re sending off a message in a bottle.”  –Rachel Boillot