When you feel inspired, or have an idea, stop whatever you are doing and follow the inspiration. It’s very difficult to rekindle the spark once it goes out and impossible to conjure up on command. || Margaret Qiao

This is advice I can really get behind.  I love to drop whatever I’m doing and do what I really love to do most, make pictures.

Living in Virginia, only 60 miles from Washington, DC, spring is always marked by the Cherry Blossom Festival. While we live only 60 miles from DC, it may take several hours to get there, depending on traffic which is always heavy. Traffic, long stressful drive, crowds of people. Not my idea of a good time. I’ve seen many photographs of the beautiful blossoms, against a blue sky, always framing the Jefferson Memorial or some other iconic landmark. They are postcard perfect images . . . and not my style.

So when I saw not one, but two flowering cherry trees along Hanover Street in historic downtown, I seized the moment, pulled over the car, whipped out the camera and took pictures to my heart’s content.  

Day 42

Day 42

A little side note here. I try to edit my pictures down to one each day. Sometimes it's hard to narrow down the selection because there are many successful pictures. And other times, like today, no one image stands out. I just didn't quite capture the soft beauty of the fallen blossoms, like a blanket of petals . . . the vision I imagined. These four images seemed to tell the story better – from blossoms in the tree, framing the doorway, falling into the chickweed lining the sidewalk and blown by spring breezes to nestle in corners of the stairs – of the way time can slow down and seem to last forever.