Inspiration comes in many forms and lately I’ve been setting myself to assignments, mostly in the form of lessons and challenges.

The lesson for the week in my photography class was on portraiture. I made some beautiful and sincere pictures of a lovely young barista in a local coffee shop. She sat in a corner of the shop and gazed out the window and her aura was serene. I was brave enough to ask for permission to photograph her, but not brave enough to ask to post her picture in this journal.

Having taken this traditional portrait, I set my vision toward creating something a bit more whimsical.

I’ve been making use of an interesting book, The Photographer’s Playbook, a collection of assignments from a wide range of photographers. The assignment from Tim Barber, Findings, snagged my attention, both from an artistic and a practical perspective.

Find someone else to take your photographs for you. Tell them what you’re looking for, and then see if you can find it in the photos they take.

On this morning there was a convergence of fine happenings – a temperate spring morning with softly falling rain, an available husband, and a vision for a portrait.

I selected the camera settings, took a few trial photos, and directed my husband where to stand. I put the camera in his hands and told him what I was looking for. He said he felt like a human tripod. I said I felt like a model. He took a picture and showed it to me on the display screen.  I clarified and corrected and he tried again.

Six or seven pictures in, we had a portrait that was a little of us both.  We had fun and there were no ‘bad’ pictures, only the sweet knowledge that he will do anything for me. And I would do the same for him.

Day 33

Day 33