To be a photographer who wants to stop and take pictures alongside the road, it is helpful (and perhaps essential) to have a trusted driver. Dave will pull over to the side of the road in a heartbeat, carefully maneuvering oncoming traffic and making sure I stay safe.

Driving home along historic Route 1, the afternoon-almost-evening sun set the small red shed alight. First, clouds and soft light.  Moments later, sunshine peaking around clouds, making shadows and contrast.

Pull-over. Pull-over. Please

Standing on the shoulder of the road, I basked in the glory, not only of the view, but of the experience. I pressed the shutter only a few times, not stopping to check a histogram or the LCD display, because it just didn’t matter.

Here’s what did matter. On the surface, I thought, Oh, that’s a good picture. It appealed to me because of the warm light, the composition of the farm scene, and the wide and deep view. Looking at the picture, I felt serene and calm and grateful. Moving deeper into the picture, I wondered about life on this farm. What is stored in the red shed? Do the farmer and his family fish in the small pond? Do they sit beneath that old oak tree to shelter from summer sun? A picture like this renews my respect for family farms and the food they put on my table. I am reminded of the local Farmer’s Market that will open with the first warm days of spring.  I lose myself in this picture and it becomes a place I want to rest.

Day 5

Day 5