It’s Easter Morning and there exists in my life a fitting sense of rebirth and renewal.

As a child, Easter was marked by baskets of treats, colored eggs, flower corsages and Sunday school dresses with matching pocketbooks and hats. As a young mother, I relished the traditions of Easter, passing them on to my sons. Dave and I had as much fun hiding the eggs as the boys did finding them – maybe more. Easter Sunday always included family meals of ham, deviled eggs, spring asparagus, and potato salad.

And most of those memories are sweet. But this time of life has its own merit where spring brings resurrection in the form of acceptance, compassion, truth, and integrity.

I am blessed on this Easter with a breakfast bounty. Local Honey. Berry tea from my friend, Miss Polly. Oat bread with berries and nuts and spices from the master baker, Caitlyn Davis of Tides Inn Market.  

To make this picture and experience it at the same time is the gift of this daily practice. This is not a picture of my breakfast, this is my morning experience.

Day 27

Day 27