Miss Polly is my letter-writing friend. She lives in Portland, Oregon. 

Dear Miss Polly,

You are the magical finder of good things to read and see and ponder.

Thank you for sending me the pages from Terry Tempest Williams, Why I Write.

Reading her words is a great comfort to me. Sometimes people ask me why I take pictures. After all, I do not get paid for this passion. And often I do not take photographs that are of value in the traditional sense – not family portraits, or wedding pictures, or editorial images for publication. And yet, I still take them. I really cannot imagine my life without this way of seeing and being, by grace and grit.

And there were so many lines that applied as well to photography as to writing. But somewhere midstream, I stopped swapping the words, writing and photography, and came to own my voice as a writer, too.

I write as an act of faith. I write as an act of slowness. I write to record what I love in the face of loss. –Terry Tempest Williams

And I make pictures because I believe I can create a path in darkness.

I am thankful for you, Miss Polly, my flower girl, bringer of light, and joyful maker.

Much love, Donna

 Day 280

Day 280