If you really knew me, you’d know that even though I talk about being real and honest, I’m still holding onto old habits of self-protection. I give myself a few days leeway in posting photographs here in case there’s a day that no picture is good enough. I don’t want to name the thing about talking about, not sure I even can.

I look at pictures made by photographers I love. I study these pictures and ask myself why they impact me so deeply. What is it, specifically, that I love about these pictures? And most of the time, I realize it’s the imperfections in the photographs that draw me in. Often the photo will be composed in a way or feature a subject that I would not have even considered. It simply wouldn’t have occurred to me. And I wonder, Why can’t I take pictures like that?

Even the question belies my insecurity.

Perhaps a better question would be, Why would I want to?  Take pictures like someone else, that is.

If the goal of this project was simply to become a better photographer, I think I could have stopped months ago. But the goal is deeper than skill. The goal is to appreciate my own voice, my own view, and my place at this time, while making room to evolve.

There is vulnerability in showing up for real on this page, but it is worth it. Because when I tell the truth, I open the door for you to step in and join me. And then I am not alone.

Day 297

Day 297