I have taken many beautiful photographs this holiday season –nativity scenes, Santa in various places and poses, trees and lights and ornaments, and gifts. My first thought was to arrange them all in a collage to share here today. Think grand finale of the Fireworks Show on July 4th.

And then yesterday, I took this simple picture. One shot, one frame, no chance for a do-over.

The young girl in front of Walmart, shivering, her hands tucked up inside her oversized coat, still manages to ring the bell, encouraging shoppers to donate spare change to the Salvation Army. This was the picture I needed to take. Only a small sliver of the bell shows just below her sleeve. She does not ring the bell with flair or force, only a gentle jingle.

In the small efforts we make, great things can happen.

Merry Christmas!

Day 300

Day 300