The public library has always been at the heart of our family.

My oldest son’s first crush was on a sweet young librarian named Maury. Week after week, he sought her out, waited patiently to be near her, and asked for help to find books that he knew perfectly well how to find all by himself.  

Our youngest son volunteered at the local library every Saturday from 9th grade through his high school graduation and now he works at the college library. He is a devoted book-lover, reader and writer.

My husband works as an election officer on voting days in the library. He carries a book with him everywhere and reads every chance he gets.

I’ve checked out countless books, taken yoga and cooking and belly dancing classes, exhibited my photographs, and journaled my way through problems and projects in the peace and quiet, all in the library.

On this morning, Dave and I meander through stacks and rows of books in the England Run Branch of our library. Today the library is a place to slow down and this alone makes it a tremendous source of joy.

Lending libraries are beautiful in their basic ideals. In enabling people to educate themselves they are the most empowering and humanistic of institutions.
— Joseph Mills, The Artist’s Library: A Field Guide
Day 225

Day 225