We were excited to pick up our youngest son, Jacob, from college for fall break. While we waited for him to finish work at the library, Dave and I strolled around the campus reminiscing.

On this campus, the College of William and Mary, we fell in love 38 years ago. College isn’t about choosing a career or finding a partner or even learning a subject. It’s about growing up and we grew up together.

We listened as a group of prospective students and their parents toured the campus. When they reached the Crim Dell Bridge, the guide dutifully related the details of its history.

The Crim Dell Bridge was a gift from the Class of 1964. According to campus lore, two people who kiss on the bridge will be lifelong lovers.

We walked across the bridge holding hands, just as we did so many years ago, grateful for a life together that began in this quiet place.

. . . that one may walk in beauty,
discover the serenity of the quiet moment,
and dispel the shadows.
— Davis Y. Paschall, president College of William and Mary
Day 223

Day 223