Still life with Joel Meyerowitz.

When I began this year long journey, I envisioned I might take a great number of black and white images. I’ve always admired the timeless look of black and white photographs. I am drawn to simplicity, and in my view, color might be seen as an added layer of complexity or embellishment.

And this is not what happened. Instead, I fell in love with color. I’ve embraced its hues and tones and learned that color is often more subtle than contrast.

I spent a lazy afternoon poring through pages from Cape Light, Color photographs by Joel Meyerwitz. I see something in his work that I’d like bring into my own. His photographs are simple at first glance, and yet with careful consideration, they are luxurious and deeply compelling, conveying contentment and yearning at the same time.

This photograph was a total excuse to celebrate my favorite fruit, the pears of fall – seckels and forelles.  

Day 220

Day 220