I’ve been doing a little window shopping lately.

I’ve culled from my wardrobe all those pieces that don’t fit well; those that are stained or hopelessly out-of-date; those that don’t match who I am and how I live; and most importantly those that are uncomfortable.

Now, I’m ready to add a few new pieces of quality clothing meant to last a lifetime. I’m tired of trendy stuff, disturbed about the ethics of cheaply made clothing and the unfair treatment of those who make it, and overwhelmed by too many choices. I don’t like to shop. But I do adore the well-designed windows of small boutique stores downtown, like this one from Virginia Hill on Caroline Street.

I love the challenge of this kind of photo where the elements inside the window, as well as those reflected on it, can be intermingled to create context and story for a compelling image.

Nothing beats a good shopping trip where your wallet stays intact
— Alessandra Cave, Shooting with Soul
 Day 219

Day 219