I print my favorite pictures every day.

We don’t have a photo printer (yet), so I just print the picture on our HP Color LaserJet on ordinary printer paper. I’ve been surprised at the quality of these prints. These everyday pictures are not for display or saving, but they help me to see in a way that is different from the screen. Spending time with my work gives me time to reconsider my editing and processing and allows me to make stronger decisions about my photographs. Using the prints, I can sequence images in a series for story-telling projects, photo essays, and books.

No question, printing my work makes me a better photographer.

I’ve signed up to take a photography print workshop at the end of this month, and I can’t wait to learn more about the process.

Printing your photographs, holding them in your hands, and living with them is one of the strongest ways to experience and learn from our work.
— David DuChemin, The Visual Toolbox
Day 235

Day 235