My physician is in Richmond, and even though he's an hour drive away, I don't mind at all. He is knowledgeable and attentive and always seems to have time for me. I had to make the trip to have some blood drawn for a routine check-up.

The need to make the trip always turns into the perfect excuse to explore the city. My blood work required fasting, so the first stop after the visit was for breakfast. Dave and I went to the Early Bird Biscuit Company on Robinson Street. It was such a beautiful day, we devoured biscuits and sausage gravy and freshly brewed coffee outside in front of the cafe. We strolled along the neighborhood streets, just walking aimlessly, stopping for me to take a few pictures. Next, we headed to the Criterion Cinemas to see a matinee, The Dressmaker, with Kate Winslet. We finished off the day trip with rich hot chocolate at Lamplighter Roasting Company on Summit Street.

Dave and I agreed that we are fortunate to live in a place like Fredericksburg that affords so many opportunities for adventure and enjoyment only a short drive away. Our budget does not permit extensive travel but we make the most of what is right in our own backyard.

The way to live artistically is to conduct ordinary activity in a relaxed and attentive way.
— Andy Karr and Michael Wood, The Practice of Contemplative Photography
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