on my mind

Over and over again, I see evidence of the forces of good in this life. And maybe this is because I am actively looking for goodness.

On my Saturday morning bike ride with my fitness friends, I spied the red wheelbarrow on the trail. I made a mental note to come back to make a picture.

I returned to the trail today, hoping the red wheelbarrow would still be there. Lucky me. Still there. Taking picture after picture from different angles, I got lost in the work. When I finally stood up to stretch, I found a young man standing alongside me, grinning from ear to ear.

You like that wheelbarrow?

Yeah, I think it will make a beautiful picture.

Still grinning. It’s mine. I left it here the other day. I was hauling a 12volt battery in it, trying to get my car running again.

Any luck with the car?


And the conversation went on just like that for a while. He introduced himself as James and we talked about how much we both love art. He likes to draw, he says. I do my best to encourage him.

I thank him for leaving the wheelbarrow, and for letting me take his picture.

I wonder if this counts as getting out of my comfort zone, this circling back and talking to strangers and risking making a fool of myself. I hope so.