I’m spending time on the road making a series of images for a new personal project, a collection of images about what it means to be found in the world, that I hope will become a published photo book. Just putting it out there. That’s my dream.

But whether the goal becomes a reality or not, I’m having the time of my life. Enjoying every minute. Easing away from the stress and hardship of life by simply seeing.

It’s been a difficult week. My mother, who has dementia, is suffering with pneumonia. She’s on oxygen and taking antibiotics and will likely rally this time. But I know the day is coming, sooner than later, when she will leave this earth. Watching her die, a little at a time, is the greatest sadness of my life. And also the greatest joy of my life. Because in her leaving, I see the fullness of the circle. Not just the small arc of my life, but the way our lives intertwine and come round again. We are lost and found in each other.

Sharing a few images that didn’t make the cut but still give a flavor of the project.