the way life is

Intrigued by the line-up of barber shop chairs, I stopped to take a closer look. Peering around the corner, I could see the chairs had been moved outside so the floor could be mopped. I couldn’t help but admire the work ethic of the men who swished the old mop from side to side, making a wide swath across the linoleum floor. Surely it would have been easier to sweep and mop around the chairs, leaving them in place. But they went to the time and trouble to do the job right, taking no shortcuts.

no shortcuts

improvised mailbox

I wonder if mail delivery will soon be a thing of the past. Will our desire or need for words, written by hand, fade away? We shred junk mail and sometimes we avoid the mail when we fear bad news or bills. But some of us will go to great lengths to ensure the mail reaches us, including a little improvisation - a mail box tied to an upturned table on a front porch. Waiting and hoping for good mail.