daily things to fall in love with

The day began with an early, early morning bike ride through the downtown neighborhoods with my friend Jane. We pedaled and coasted and pumped legs hard up hills and talked all the way. After the bike ride, we had breakfast at the 2400 Diner, sandwiches of bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg and mayo. We parted ways to go about the rest of our respective days.

On to the Market where the farmers tease me. They want to know, Where is your camera?

I stop for cold brew coffee at Agora and watch people admiring the antique cars lining Caroline Street. I see lots of photographers. This is a camera-friendly event and everyone is taking pictures of the cars. Iā€™m not interested in cars, and especially not interested in photographing them. But there is never a lack of things to look at. I have fun watching the people, conscious of the fact that we are all moving and dancing in our own way. I am curious about all the little things that make up life. And so there are always pictures to make.