pleasing your audience

“It’s about the meeting place of that honest soul and the places, times, and circumstances of life.

Art is the mashup of you and life: a collaboration.

And it can only be a gift to others, help others heal, or be a light to them if it begins not with them, but with you.

Because you are all you really know. You are the source of your art.

And you must be the first and most important audience for whom that art is made.”

David duChemin

“And if you must seek feedback, as an earnest student of any craft must do to grow and learn, then do so from those few voices you yourself know and trust and choose to listen to.” —David duChemin

Making pictures is a thoughtful act. And when I step back and think about the images after they are made, I see clearly that I am drawn to the ordinary things of my ordinary life, pulled with a force as great as the tides.

There is very little room for opinions other than my own, about what is good and right for me.

But there is one to whom I listen intently and trust with my whole heart.

My best friend husband can walk by my side for hours, watching me work. He sees differently than I do but never judges my way of seeing. We move forward, in stumbling increments, making our way together.

He is often my audience and I want to please him every time.