no way of knowing

I have come to radically shift my core belief about life. Now I believe that we aren’t going to get “there” ever. There’s no magic mantra or magic pill or magic book or magic hustle that is going to get us “there.” And even if there were, hard work in the form of angst, self-deprecation, and pummeling isn’t going to be the ticket. Now I believe that life wants us to celebrate where we are, even if that reality feels absolutely low and absolutely not glamorous. Life wants us to give ourselves a pat on the back and to go to bed early so that we can face the unpredictable, often harrowing, and frequently unbearable reality of reality. And what I have learned from this is when I do that - when I celebrate rather than deprecate - I have a shit ton more reserves to give and to actually do the sort of work that will yield results eventually, on their own time and in their own uncontrollable way. —Courtney Wyckoff