it's not easy being orange

“As you can see, the place of feeling that something is wrong with you is just a starting place. You can use it to transform, to find gentleness and friendliness, to find compassion, to open to the moment, to see your basic goodness. You can use it to open yourself to curiosity, possibility, not-knowing, creativity, exploration, wonder and love.” —Leo Babauta

A local art studio will hold an exhibition for the month of October and the theme is orange. I looked over the prospectus and thought about photographs I might enter. I had fun playing with the theme, but in the end, I had to ask myself if it made sense to submit my work for this juried show. The fee for a digital submission was $25. If accepted, the photograph was required to be framed, ready to hang, and for sale. If the work sold, the gallery would take 40% and the aritist would receive the remaining 60%. In no scenario would this be considered profitable (factoring in the cost of the print, the frame and the submission fee against the potential sale price point). If money is not the impetus for entering my work, then what other goals might I consider? There’s the joy of participating and showing my work, the validation that what I’ve created is in some way worthy, and the service to my community in supporting local galleries and artists.

With consideration, I opted out.

Somewhere along the way, I got the message that I should be more. I should work harder, be more disciplined, be better.

It feels good to step away — and see the light of my own being as beautiful.