and the rain comes

I wonder where the next pictures will come from . . . and sometimes I wonder if they will come at all. Still, no matter what, I call myself a photographer.

When I am occupied with the everyday routines of life and the ordinariness of it all, it’s easy to take beauty for granted. And when I slow my pace and breathe, it’s equally easy to immerse myself in that same ordinariness.

To see with amazing clarity the texture of the cement floor in the garage, the way shadows caress the make-shift potting bench, and the light that draws a simple tableau of garden tools. This is magic.

I have but one job—to move through the days—embracing this beauty, making space for it in my heart.

Releasing what I see and feel. So the rain will come again.

Note: This creative arrangement—structuring photographs across a grid—was inspired by fellow photographer Wayne Swanson and his photographs of Dad’s Tools.