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I love opening our bedroom window on cold winter mornings, even if only for a moment or two.

The bracing chill of winter air on my face is invigorating, an invitation to embrace the day whole-heartedly. This small practice connects me to nature and helps me to begin each day with a fresh-start.

I’ve been touched over the years by how many of you have written to share that you begin your day by reading my posts. And I am honored to hold a place in your day.

We live in world where it’s easy to become overwhelmed by information and decisions. Our Inboxes overflow with advertisements and offerings—all vying for our attention. There is so much to read and learn and explore and discover. So many ways to improve ourselves—to meditate, to exercise, to cook and eat well, to balance, to create, to study, to plan and to pray.

All this and more.

In an attempt to keep my life simple, I’ve ruthlessly unsubscribed from anything that does not serve my values and priorities.

And I’ve given some thought to my system of delivering posts by way of subscription. As readers, you are extraordinarily kind, reading and often responding to my posts. I am grateful for the conversation. But I am also wary of filling your Inbox and giving you one more thing to tend to, one more thing clamoring to be noticed.

I’m taking some advice from a trusted friend on an organic, natural approach to blogging.

“I appreciate each and every visit to my blog, but I don’t actively market myself to influence an audience. The best way for this to happen is organically and naturally. I value quality over quantity, so it means far more to me if my readers are people who enjoy and appreciate my work, who will bookmark, interact, or share my blog with someone else, than getting more page views every month. Along these same lines, I reply to every comment someone leaves. If a reader takes the time to express their thoughts regarding my work, I take the time to show them my true appreciation.” —Rebecca Lily, Artful Blogging, fall 2015

So here’s my plan. I am going to discontinue the subscription service. No more email to announce a new post. I hope you will bookmark this site and visit when time permits. When you want a fresh perspective, inspiration, or a thoughtful conversation on the mindful practice of photography, I’ll be here waiting for you.

This seems to be my mantra for the year. Her freedom was found in letting go.