not every thing is for this season

Stop trying to live up to your potential

Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we ought to – nor will it automatically make us happy. Many of the people in this world I admire seem to care more about walking out their values than living up to their potential. FOMO or chasing all the shiny things can run us ragged – but what if we aim instead for a “right-sized life” or inspiring life vision? What if we put blinders on and say no to many fabulous opportunities so that we can say yes to our top values and priorities.
— Krista O'Reilly-Davi-Digui

Live an imbalanced life.

One of the gifts of doing the work to put down strong roots of self-awareness and self-compassion is that when the winds come we tilt and don’t break. We learn to flex and bend without losing our mooring. We understand not everything needs to be perfectly balanced or managed.

Sometimes I tilt into rest and self-care, other seasons into writing or creating. There are also weeks during which I tip back into hiding. There are seasons of grief and loss and those of beauty and ease, times we tilt into plenty and times of need. But it’s all only for a season. If we’re healthy and have decent boundaries and direction then we tend to naturally return to center. We don’t control all circumstances no matter how hard we try and learning to tilt builds resilience and joy.
— Krista O'Reilly-Davi-Digui