not knowing

Could it really be a week since I picked up my camera?


The days of moving my son into his first apartment are finished.

He is as settled as a 21 year-old can be. And I am as unsettled as a mother sending her youngest child into the world can be.

Time is fleeting so we make the most of every minute. This change feels good.

"In photography, many people report that the mere act of picking up a camera and responding freely to the world can enlarge your awareness and heighten the act of seeing. You cannot stop thinking, but you can shift your focus from the rational brain to the creative, imaginative side of the mind. "Not knowing" and looking at the world with the eyes of a child—with curiosity, freshness, and wonder—can powerfully transform how you see and make images. This sounds deceptively simple, but practicing it can be challenging". —David Ulrich, Zen Camera