looking for a sign

On the surface, taking pictures of signs around town might seem an insignificant project. After all, these are photographs of a documentary nature, pictures of what is physically present. I make every effort to find the most creative composition, searching for the perspective that conveys emotion. What I feel when I make these pictures: an abiding sense of place and home, a remembering of tender memories, and most of all hope.

In some sense, documentary photographs are the literary equivalent of non-fiction writing, where there are the bones of the story (in this case, the typography of the sign), but then I try to build the story — not just passing along information but sharing ideas. In this way, documentary photographs require a blending of genres, where technical precision rides alongside content and composition.  

When I hold my camera I have – an invitation to travel, the luxury of following my curiosity, and a gateway to places where I may or may not belong.  

I was looking for a sign . . . I am a witness to these simple truths . . . that we were here and we mattered.