nothing like ordinary

Life is busy right now and it’s tempting to put my camera aside. It’s an interesting phenomenon how we sometimes stop doing the very things that can help us most when life becomes stressful. In times of transition or struggle, I am tempted to stop exercising; more likely to eat out rather than prepare a healthy home-cooked meal; less apt to make time for my photography; more prone to overwork and over worry.

And none of this helps at all.

Our youngest son, Jacob, will begin his adult work life in the next few weeks, a fellowship program at the William & Mary library.  We’ll help him move out of our home next weekend and into his very own apartment. These are big changes with big emotions attached.

While we wait . . . we share small moments of connection . . . where each moment is nothing like ordinary.

Mastery sneaks up on you over time. Remember that staying on the path of learning is the goal.
— David Ulrich, Zen Camera