Today presented me with a first.

For all the times I have ventured to ask if I might take a person’s portrait, today was the first time someone volunteered to give me the portrait.

I was standing on Meadow Street in Richmond in the morning sun of an already hot day, taking a picture of Lucky’s Bicycles.

I lowered the camera to adjust the settings and just like that he pulled up in his car. He rolled down his window and called out, “Take my picture!” With an all-out smile and Ta-Da hands, he paused the car and struck a pose.  


Two clicks later, he was on his way, waving and shouting, “Welcome to Richmond!”

I was dumbfounded. It's been a long while since anyone gave me something so freely. No expectation. No cost. Just a straight-up gift.

Lucky me in front of Lucky's Bicycles.